Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rad Stuff I'll Miss in the MD/DC Area

These are things I would recommend any visitor to the area if they roadtripped here:

- Smithsonian museums are FREE and GOOD, go to all of them (a biased statement since I studied art history)

- Make pilgrimage to the Lincoln Memorial at night, preferably with intoxicated friends

- Go to beer bars and bars that serve excellent beer, there are many grade A beers stashed all around the Metro area. Reza just took me to Galaxy Hut in Arlington, and they had delicious Belgiums on tap!

- EJ's Karaoke Tuesday for CP townies! (Gotta shout out for DJ Mikee V and friends)

- Swim in the McKeldin Mall fountain, shower afterwords

- Get your grub on, a lot of good food. I recommend Kramer's & Afterwords, Ray's Hell Burger, La Fourchette, McFadden's, Eastern Market in general, Franklin's, Five Guys, Good Stuff Eatery, Pete's Diner, Brickskellar, and Szechuan House

- The DC Mall in general

- Meet your senators and representatives


Well, time to start packing/throwing out a bunch of crap!

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  1. Smithsonian museums are the best! I was advised to go to the Spy museum, which costs like $25, after taking too much ambien on the plane and didnt really know what was going on...the natural history museum is where its at!