Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Start, Germantown and the First Bit of PA

So the first day of the roadtrip got off to a late start as I managed to misplace $300 and had to dig around my Dad's house and a bunch of packed stuff. As usual, I do not function on little sleep very well. But we hit the road! It was pleasantly warm and sunny, a good way to kick off our adventure:

We even saw a liberal Virginian with a John Kerry bumper sticker at the start.

Western Maryland looked not much different than Pennsylvania it turned out. Except for Pennsylvanians are more protective of their roads:

PA does have some toll roads though, so Web got to go through his first toll and seemed a bit intimidated:

In addition, much of Pennsylvania is coaltowns... and oh do they let you know:

Pretty dull, but Pittsburgh was much more exciting...

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