Tuesday, May 26, 2009

T-Minus 3 Days

Only 3 more days left in Maryland before Weber (Web) and I hit the road in what looks to be a Hertz rental SUV, since even though I could save hundreds of $s on a 24' long truck... the parking & driving limitations would defeat the purpose of the fun parts of a road trip. Either way, this isn't just a move, it is an adventure. I think SUVs scream "ADVENTURE," as well as "low mileage."

This is the tentative itinerary:

Sat. 5/30:
1) Leave Germantown, MD for maybe a long while (starting point)
2) Lunch @ Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh, PA (as I saw on Travel Channel)
3) Dinner in Vandalia, OH (Web's relatives)... note this is RED Ohio... near... DAYTON
4) Camping in Indiana most likely

Sun. 5/31:
1) Go to Chicago, the Windy City for the day
2) Eat Chicago-style deep dish pizza in Chicago
3) Couch surfing

Mon. 6/1:
1) Go to the largest truckstop in the world (as I saw on Travel Channel) in Iowa
2) Lay to rest my long-held suspicion "Nebraska" is a government conspiracy and in fact, not a state
3) Visit the birthplace of Kool-aid
4) Kamp at a KOA (aka, get out hot tub on)

Tues. 6/2:
1) Go to Denver, the Mile High City
2) Consume Beau Jo's mountain pie pizza, LK's favorite pizza in the world... unless pizza in Chicago changes her life for the better
3) Hang with PIRG ppls/coach surf/get wasted

Wed. 6/3:
1) Go to Lucin, UT to see the Sun Tunnels by Nancy Holt (earthworks art)
2) Camp in the desert

Thurs. 6/4:
1) Go to Reno
2) Gamble
3) Camp near Lake Tahoe

Fri. 6/5:
1) Go to the Bay!
2) Hang out with Web's sista
3) Eat in Chinatown

Sat. 6/6:
1) Go to Crater Lake
2) Enjoy nature/gather pumice
3) Camp

Sun. 6/7:
1) Arrive in da Couve! (destination)

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  1. Yey!!! This sounds SUPER exciting! I can't wait to see you!!!! Might be in Bend when you reach the couve, but we absolutely MUST eat lots of shitty mexican food when u get here!!! <3 <3 <3 !!!