Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today's the Big Day!

Tomorrow, in just under 8 hours, Web and I will be embarking on a great American roadtrip through the heartland, plains, and forests of our great country!!!

I'm super excited even after a long day of packing, packing, and more packing.

Our preparations we also rather exciting today:

1) I RENTED MY FIRST CAR!!! But, better than a car. Oh yes, Lauren rented a gas-guzzling Kia Sportage (which drives like a dream). It looks like this:

2) Johnny and Zay witnessed a man discarding of evidence from a stolen car (aka the owner's belongings) in front of our sliding glass windows onto the parking lot frantically then speeding away, of course wearing gloves to not make fingerprints. After alerting building security, the maitenance guy let us know that the car has been stolen for a week! Good ole College Park, chopping of cars which I won't miss.

3) The Sportage did not quite have enough room for such necessities as my massive collection of clothes and shoes. So, Lauren also bought a storage topper thingamajig to store 15 cubic feet of my junk @ REI, and also, became a member of REI. Woo!

4) Bubble tea was consumed after a Bookholder's errand.

5) I bought a Flip videocamera so I can document this Roadtrip Across Amer'ca in a multimedia fashion. This will give me something to do when I am bored or wanting to bother Web while he is driving. There is also great potential for interviewing with such a device, if we want to interact with the locals.

6) The Creation Museum is in Kentucky! So I can say I have been in Kentucky. I should not have been surprised, as we are going to a Creation Museum... where else other than Kentucky would have one? Oh wait... maybe Kansas.

7) Web and I discovered we both have T-shirts that say "Liberal" on them, mine actually being "Liberals." This seems like a great opportunity for a photoshoot after visiting the visual bibical timelines of Kentucky (so we get kicked out beforehand). There is also a surprise prop which will go well with our shirts. Don't spill the beans, Nicole!

Ok, time to go to bed and prepare for the Christian, fundamentalist world we will enter late tomorrow... but not before a great sandwich in Pittsburgh!

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