Monday, June 1, 2009


Pittsburgh was by far the most excited city we came across our first day. It is built over the joining of three rivers, most notably the Ohio River. The city had a lot of trees, seemed gentrified and fairly well-planned. Web and I both liked the multitude of bridges, since we are from the Bridgeport after all. The weather was a tad humid, but mostly fine.

The goal of going to Pittsburgh and going so out of the way when our end point of the day was Cincinnati? Ah yes, Primanti Brothers. A sandwich shop I had seen on the TV a multitude of times for it's delicious sandwiches made on fresh Italian bread, with good cuts of meat, topped with coleslaw and fries standard, as well as a sassy woman that throws the sandwiches together. The restaurant itself is awesomely open 24 hrs a day at the original location at least on "The Strip." In addition there looked to be a ton of other stores, activities, and restaurants to enjoy. But here was our Primant's experience:

While eating Pittsburgh's finest, I noticed the year-long devotion and love of Pittsburgh residents tp their city's sports teams. No matter the actual sports, people sported their local baseball, football, and hockey shirts and jerseys widely.

All the people we ran into in Pittsburgh. in addition, were very nice.

I'd def live her. It has a good vibe and seems awesome. Web even agrees!

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  1. that sandwich is TINY compared to Katz's deli and Carnegie Deli in NY