Saturday, June 6, 2009

Utah Part III: The Sun Tunnels

About 4.5 miles from the Sun Tunnels you stop by Lucin:

According to the Internet, Lucin used to be a town, but all its residents eventually died in the 1990s and since all the buildings have been torn down. Creepy.

From about 2.5 miles out we could see the tunnels, and when we got to them, which was truly the middle of nowhere and like being on an alien planet. Very few people have been to the Sun Tunnels, since you definitely have to seek them out.

Here are all four tunnels, standing 9 feet tall each, and 18 feet long. The only sign of life other than us are those tire tracks:

Let me take you on a tour:

In a tunnel looking to its opposite tunnel:

The concrete tunnels are perforated with four different constellations on the inside, so when the sun shines in them, it creates their pattern inside the tunnel in different ways as the sun moves across the sky:

Web being silly:

Looking out from a small hole to another tunnel:

After some documenting, we played in the tunnels:

Web sustained an injury playing on the tunnels:

He also managed to get a sunburn on his neck.

I managed to take some good pictures of Web in the tunnels:

And uncute ones of myself:

Something very creepy about being 20 miles away from the nearest people and in the remote desert is the total silence, listen:

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