Thursday, June 4, 2009

Into the Boring Part of Nebraska

So after our close encounters of the antelope kind, Web and I got back on I-80 and headed into the boring part of Nebraska.

The only thing of interest between Lincoln and the Colorado state line is Kearney. Kearney is home to the Great Platte River Road Archway. A colorful and random monument over the interstate. Unfortunately we missed out on going inside, where there is apparently an education museum of sorts.

In Kearney, the last big city until our camping site in Gothenburg, we decided to pull off and look for some food. Web had never been to Culver's, which is known for its butterburgers and frozen custard. The first time I had Culver's was actually last year on a road trip back from the RNC in St. Paul, MN with Andre (a Midwest native).
Culver's was yummy, but the Georgia Peach custard shake didn't sit well with my newly-recognized lack of lactase production. So, we went to Target anyways to get Web swim trunks, and I bought lactase pills to relieve the feeling that my stomach was going to explode. They work amazingly well!

The smell of Nebraska also gets progressively worse the more cows you see. And there were a lot of cows...

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  1. Love youre video clips! Keep 'em comming!