Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Natural Selection is NOT Evolution (End of KY)

I think one of the most valuable things Web and I learned at the Creation Museum is the distinct different between natural selection, which clearly does occur, and this so called Darwinian evolution THEORY business that is really just straying from God's word.

Natural selection allows for variation and new species amongst an animal (one that got on the ark 4,300 years ago) but not for this evolution of one species into another over time. Apes are NOT humans. We look like God, apes are ugly!

*Note: By far the creepiest wax models in the museum.*

This diagram shows both theories to natural selection, the hokey human reason based one on the left, and God's Word on the right:

Although, it is curious how it seems the dinosaurs must have gotten on the ark if they survived the Great Flood (noted by branches past the blue horizontal bar). Yet at the same time... God clearly wiped them all out in the massive flood waters of the Great Flood... meaning Noah left out dinosaurs from his animal list or dinosaurs are not animals... either way, God's plan is FLAWLESS!

Either way, our whole gang was highly amused by this Creation Museum sign fail:

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