Thursday, June 4, 2009

Iowa-80: The Biggest Truck Stop in the World

Not long into Iowa, we stopped at the largest truck stop in the WORLD, Iowa-80 in Walcott, IA. They made sure to give us a big welcome:

But before we could even explore Iowa-80, we observed a parade of super-oversized trucks transporting wind turbine blades! Being that I am a nerd about clean energy, this was thrilling to see in Iowa. Not to mention the length of the blades was impressive:

Iowa-80 had a lot of what I would have expected from the Heartland of America. There was a lot of Christian music for sale, Jesus Ts (I had to bring one home), fast food, trucker hats, confederate flags, white people, military dudes and vets, and chrome for trucks. I was def the only minority anywhere near Iowa-80.

We had brunch at the Iowa-80 diner and I indulged on some pulled pork. Yum.

But enough redneck fun, back on the road!

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