Saturday, June 6, 2009

Open Skies and Rawlins, WY, Part I

Between the Lincoln Monument and Utah, there was a lot of open spaces and Rawlins, WY.

And don't forget a ton of cattle, even more than in Nebraska or Colorado:

And the Rocky Mountains:

And clouds:

Wyoming has strange PSAs against secondhand smoke:

And more wind turbines than anywhere we've ever seen. There was at least 100 in one patch alone.

However, even though Wyoming has a lot of wind power, they also have some crazy fossil fuel burning going on:

After awhile we reached Rawlins, WY. A small city where there is cheap gas, buffalo burgers, and a state penitentiary.

Before checking out the jail and getting gas, we got lunch at a local diner called Sharp Shooters, where the hostess is a Rawlins native. And this diner was adorable and fit for any old time cowboy or cowgirl. They had a buffalo head on the wall:

A carved wooden cowboy and the diner rules. Wyoming actually doesn't have a Clean Air Act, so they have both a smoking and non-smoking section. Old school.

The salad buffet is a cover wagon!

And the most adorable bathroom room signage ever:

Their barbecue, buffalo burgers, and coleslaw, also were pretty darn good.

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