Thursday, June 4, 2009

Into Wild Nebraska

But the real reason why Nebraska was way cooler than Iowa, was its preservation of natural Nebraska wildlife at the Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park & Wildlife Safari. Web and I drove through the park in the Kia and got up and CLOSE with a variety of animals from the Great Plains.

We first met some Nebraskan elk. These guys really couldn't have given two shits about us driving through their territory and talking pictures of them:

We also met the whitetail deer, which were watching us more intently than us watching them. Just some deer chillin':

We then got acquainted with some of Nebraska's avian critters...

Like an owl:

A sandhill crane, that got up in our business:

And swans doing something strange...

The bear and wolf cages ended up being mildly disappointing. One, they are in cages so you can't just drive among man-eating predators. Two, there were no bears in sight. Three, the bears were quite possibly just mislabeled... or eaten...

In the last animal pen we observed a herd of bison. Despite being 6 feet tall and could easy kill us, they were mellow and didn't even look up from grazing as we passed. The white bison to the right is named Dakota, and she has a little mixed baby!

The other animal in the last pen was the pronghorn antelope. And man were they really friendly. Here is one male, not too interested in us but close to the road:

And here is a female that actually followed us a little bit:

But the last, youngest pronghorn, was in love with the Sportage:

He also was very interested in Web:

Nebraska, we learned, is not just home to corn, in fact we saw little corn. In fact, Nebraska is the home to friendly animals and invisible bears.

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