Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ohio, Part II

Soon after Pickerington, we drove through Ohio's capital, Columbus. It was rather small looking and didn't cure our boredomitis.

But the grass is greener on the other side of Columbus and we arrived in Vandalia, OH, just north of Dayton. This is where we met Web's aunts, uncles, and his Grandma. (And like dum-dums, we forgot to take pictures. D'oh!)

Like all the other Ohioans I have met, Web's extended family was very friendly & hospitable. It was clear during our family dinner at Ruby Tuesday's though, who runs the house in Vandalia: the women. It was also clear that Web is far behind his cousins in producing grandchildren so I think I was eyeballed by his family as they considered my child-bearing potential.

I'd also note Ohio may contain the fountain of youth, as Web's grandmother, bless her heart, is nearly a century old, just turning 96 this May and doesn't even look 80! Wow!

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