Monday, June 8, 2009

LK's Final Thoughts

(Why should only Jerry Springer and Andy Rooney get them?)

America is a large and diverse country impossible to see within just 9 days, not even a whole month. But certainly, the parts you can get to are worth going to. Some parts of the country are really weird, some of the people are vastly different, but in the words of Sean Hannity (whom we took the advantage of laughing at since we had satellite radio), "We are all American." To understand your neighbors, your fellow man, you should visit them and try to understand them.

I would recommend a lengthy roadtrip adventure to absolutely everyone regardless of age or origin. Roadtripping is about freedom, the journey, and spontaneity. It was an awesome way to kick-off not only what will be a fun summer in Portland, but a new chapter of my life as a part of the workforce and on the path to full financial independence. This road trip was also a great way of bonding with Web on an adventure neither of us will forget.

Beef is the choice meat of America. If you are a vegetarian or vegan roadtripping and really experiencing America, you are gonna miss out on some beefy eats. I recommend lapsing into carnivorous sin before you get on the freeway.

Jesus is alive and well in America. The Bible Belt can get really hardcore.

America is actually creating some renewable energy from wind turbines. I have evidenced them with my own eyes. I know people sometimes complain about how they look or that they may kill a bat or bird on occasion, but 1) shiny glass building kill way more flying animals, and 2) I think the gigantic white titans, swirling their arms in circles are beautiful compared to a steam cloud from a nuclear plant or a layer of smog from a coal plant.

I went to school at an extremely divserse university. I was a solid minority in the vast majority of the places we visited along this roadtrip. I was in culture shock in places like Iowa.

I would totally do this again, at the first chance I get, once I get some vacation days and money. I think the next destination is exploring the Southwest and Texas... maybe New Orleans...

I also hope all my and Web's family and friends enjoyed following us on this journey. We were thinking of you along the way.


  1. Thank you for re-creating your wonderful adventure in words and photos. Michael and I enjoyed your trip almost as much as you and Matthew.

    Web's Mom
    Diane Weber

  2. Well done, young lady. I still think you should consider writing for a living. At least, clean this up (spelling mostly) and put it an easily readable format and submit it to some travel magazines. I'll bet you'll get it published.

    Was great to meet you last night. Here's to a rousing Trivial Pursuit competition next time.

    Web's Dad
    Mike Weber