Monday, June 8, 2009

Crater Lake & Diamond Lake Camping

We got into Crater Lake National Park in Oregon in the early evening of Saturday. The elevation got a lot higher, and we got a lot colder, since apparently snow at Crate Lake doesn't melt by early June. But here is the crater, the lake inside, and Wizard Island:

I have memories of Crater Lake from when I was a kid in the summer. We must have visited much later in the year, since it was hot and not just a few degrees above freezing. Crater Lake was formed by a volcanic eruption and the collection of water overtime. So the bacteria in Crater Lake are totally different since they have been isolated for so long. It is also one of the deepest lakes in the world.

Web took an unflattering picture of me in from of the lake, I look like I have Down's:

And my picture of him turned out a lot better:

The views are nice in the Cascades, one of the reasons why Oregon is better than every other state.

This peak was really high:

Crater Lake has a long way to go until the snow melts...

And another pleasant snow landscape:

We camped at Diamond Lake that night, just north of Crater Lake. Real camping, no KOAs. It was also swarming with bugs and was freezing cold. I actually wore 4 layers of shirts and 2 layers of pants to bed, and a hat! Here is the lovely abode:

And we made a sweet campfire and roasted wieners over it and tossed back a couple brews:

And we were starting to get a little sad since this was our last night on the road, nearing the end of our grand cross-country adventure.

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