Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reno, Tackiest Little City in the World

We got to Reno that Thursday, we were welcomed by this sign:

I still think of Reno 911 when I see that show. Unfortunately, we only saw one Reno cop, and he was on a bike. I'm not really sure what cops in Reno do... since hooking is legal and the prostitutes just walk around... and since everyone at night is publicly intoxicated... and since people are expected to behave terribly.

And there were a lot of casinos, this one being shiny and pink, so it attracted my eye.

I was pretty lazy in Reno about taking pictures. My bad.

But, I managed to spin a jackpot on a penny slot machine and win $103 dollars, putting me up $92. Insane odds right? It was at a 5 spinner slot machine called "China Moon." Exciting.

Web didn't do as well at the tables. Enough said.

However, my small riches paid the cost of a cheap hotel room in the casino, the Sands Regency (I stole this picture):

Sure this hotel didn't have the free wi-fi I needed to blog, but certain amenities like a FREE JACUZZI won out.

The next day, Friday, June 5th, we got to sleep in late and sit in the hot tub to wake up. We couldn't leave Reno before hitting up a buffet, so we went to Carvings in Harrah's, which had yummy crepes to order, and cuts of beef. America is big on beef as I know very well now. In fact, that beef might have been drugged, because I passed out all the way until Sacramento.

We then hit the road for California, the state of my birth.

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