Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kentucky, Lucky!

On Sunday, May 31st, Day 2 of the Roadtrip, Web and I set off to meet our friend Nicole, and her friend Crystal, in Kentucky. Now why go out of one's way to Chicago by stopping in Kentucky? Well you may not have known that the Creation Museum sits in Petersburg, KY, right near Ohio, unless you have been following this blog, then maybe you do know.

The first lesson you'll learn from the Creation Museum, is that "dinosaur fossils do not come with tags" that tell us how old they are. And that the Great Flood about 4,300 years ago actually killed all of them off and buried them under sediment worldwide. Yes, the flood that Noah built the ark for. Although, if dinosaurs are animals, and Noah took two of each, I'm not sure why Noah didn't save them... hmmmm.

But despite gaps in Biblically-based logic and gaps in scientific measurement, there were DINOSAURS!!! YAY!!! Any they were roaming everywhere...

*Note: The tragic death of this dinosaur could have been prevented by Adam following God's word. Before Adam effed up, all animals were herbivores... Does this mean I will go to hell for eating meat? Crap.*


Luckily, Web and I managed not to anger the dinosaurs and live to tell the tale. But, there were also much more to the Creation Museum than a plethora of dinosaurs and alternative theories to the extinction of dinosaurs...

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