Saturday, June 6, 2009

California, Knows How to Party

Not too far from Reno, NV is the California state line.

The driving in California instantly became more difficult as we entered the Sierra Nevada range, and that was before we encountered many California drivers:

Difficult but aesthetically pleasing driving:

The trees start getting good 'n' tall in Cali:

And the elevation is high enough where we saw some more snow:

At some point, I passed out, probably from possibly drugged beef/a food coma in Reno. I woke up when we hit Sacramento, California's state capital. It wasn't too exciting, but traffic got worse for a little bit:

Most of Sacramento, like most of California is urban sprawl though, not compact cities. I joke while canvassing for Measure 49 that if the measure didn't pass, Oregon would look like California. Good thing it passed:

California had some pleasant medians though on the interstate, planted with flowers:

We also passed some orchards. California is where a lot of America's produce is from, so I expect to see orchards like this:

A little urban sprawl can be good though, because it can yield In-N-Out burger franchises, like in Vacaville, CA. This was also Web's first In-N-Out:

The employees at In-N-Out have to wear silly paper hats and aprons:

And very thoughtfully, they give you paper placemats so you don't get burger juices on yourself, aside from wrapping their burgers in paper. Web still managed to take down these defenses and get burger juice on himself:

And aren't they beautiful, and for only $1.50:

Californians also really like palm trees, whether real, fake, or a pattern:

And Web took a picture of me being a glutton:

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