Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to San Francisco

After eating our In-N-Out and getting out of the 'burbs, we headed back out on I-80. When started seeing a lot of water (the Bay), we new we were getting closer to our destination, San Francisco.

When we passed through Berkeley, we also knew we were in Berkeley by the lone protester on a walkway bridge who was shirtless and holding up a large sign. However, this man could have used a lesson or two in proper activism, since he was holding his sign opposite the direction of oncoming traffic... so whatever he was protesting, it will always be a mystery to us.

Traffic also indicated we were nearing San Francisco:

California used to keep their prisoners here at Alcatraz:

Props to all the escapees that risked falling into the freezing cold water of the Bay. I feel like they should have gotten automatic parole if they managed to escape there.

Interestingly, Treasure Island is actually located outside of SF, unlike the Caribbean like I had imagined:

The treasure wasn't in this tunnel:

Maybe the treasure is San Francisco itself? Here is the skyline from the interstate:

We found out thay many stereotypes about Californians are true in San Fran.

For example, Californians like palm trees:

Californians like to surf:

Californians have the Smug (see South Park), driving hybrid cars and smelling their own farts:

Californians also are Obama voters and drive the official car of lesbians, Subarus:

California is also the last place on Earth where Volkswagen Beetles are cool:

Did I mention they really like hybrid cars? So smug.

Californians may also be perverts...

...since they have a ton of strip clubs:

There are also a lot of Chinese people in California:

Some stereotypes about San Francisco are also true, like that there are many hills:

There are also a lot of gays in San Francisco, even this pug is crossdressing using a feather boa instead of a leash:

But after a little driving we neared Web's sister's neighborhood in North Beach, near the Italian neighborhood (our crash pad for the night). Parking was a bit of a hassle. However, San Francisco is very considerate of your blood pressure needs as well:

Once we actually parked, Jenny, Web's sister, has a cute little apartment and a very friendly and pleasant roommate and cat. How quaint! We chitchatted for awhile then headed to Japantown to go to San Wang's, my mothers favorite Chinese restaurant from when she lived in the heart of SF. It was also on Travel Channel, as is a ton of food for the money. I ordered the San Wang Soup, which was actually a lot like Korean soups I have had. In addition to the kimchi served at the table and the Korean names for some dishes I suspect this resturant may be owned by Koreans or ethnic Koreans from China, since there was some Korean-style Chinese food on the menu.

After San Wang's we retired for the evening, but only after I made a large number of blog posts.

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