Saturday, June 6, 2009

Utah Part I: Saltiness

We finally entered Wyoming in the early evening of Wednesday. Utah's welcome sign is pretty exciting, with a skier on there:

The landscape also becomes much more interesting almost as soon as you cross into Utah with cool rock formations like this one:

And these ones:

Utah also has beehives as state route sign symbols. Bzzzzzzz.

Since we were crossing the skinny part of Utah we got to Salt Lake City pretty quick:

It was bigger than I expected. What was really big was the Mormon temple.

SLC is the known center of Mormonism, so we expected the city to be pretty conservative and dull. But in fact, it was far more interesting than much of what we saw in past Midwestern states. There was a variety of dining available (we ate at a decent Greek place) and saw some hippies and hipsters. Much most shockingly, we found the Salt Lake City gay district:

Once we left SLC we drove past the Great Salt Lake. Web thought it was pretty creepy looking. At some points this lake area smells disgustingly swampy like there are rotting animals in still water. At other points it just smelt salty. We also passed what looked like a salt production plant... or at least we hope those huge white mounds were salt.

Near the marshy Salt Lake area we ran into a lot of insects. By ran over, I meant killed a small population with the car on impact.

Kia 836, Insects 0, K.O.

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