Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Biblical Buddies

Did I also mention we met a host of Bible characters, aside from Noah? Jesus was no where to be found. I guess he wasn't invited to the Old Testament party.

But we also met Moses:

And my favorite author, apocalyptic John:

But we really got to know Adam the most. And he is a total jerk! (More on that later.) But he really likes playing with the animals:

He also is heterosexual, and married. His wife, Eve, is a total hottie:

Adam and Eve also "used to be" total exhibitionists:

But then Adam & Eve really just messed things up for everybody when Satan's evil serpent...

...tempted them into eating fruit from the tree of knowledge! We were SUPPOSED to not think, and just blindly do what God wants!

As we found out this really pissed off God to no end. He then created venomous animals, carnivores, diseases, cancers, weeds, and manual labor. Bad Adam!

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