Saturday, June 6, 2009

Egyptians in Wyoming, or Maybe Just Aliens

The second strange and interesting thing in Wyoming we found, aside from a one person town, was a strange pyramid off a dirt road from the interstate.

It is unclear whether it was the Egyptians or extraterrestrial beings settled Wyoming first, but they left us this mysterious monument:

It is also unclear what was so interesting about the Ames brothers to the Egyptians or aliens, because they were not very interesting to us. The pyramid itself (which isn't a true pyramid by any means), if in fact Egyptian, is probably from around 2500 BCE, around Dynasty IV, the pyramid building age of Egypt. This clearly was an earlier, less successful model that was abandoned. Perhaps Ames is also an early version of the sun god Amun that also was scrapped. How the Egyptians got to Wyoming is still unknown.

Did I mention this pyramid is nearly in the middle of nowehere?

Web in front of... well... nothing:

But we weren't alone near the pyramid. Remember those pronghorn antelope from Nebraska that were really digging the Kia and Web? Well, we found one in the wild, and he raced us! We let him win:

We also saw there strange rodents, and we aren't sure what they are. Prarie dogs? Large shrews? Small gophers? Who knows, but they were cute.

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