Monday, June 8, 2009

Jelly Beans, Olives, and Weed (CA)

We left San Francisco on the morning of Saturday, June 6th. But before we left town entirely, we had to see the Golden Gate Bridge, since Web had managed to stay in SF for 2 weeks and not see it somehow:

Despite the name "Golden," this suspension bridge is misleadingly red, and even more misleadingly, is technically orange according to Wikipedia. Californians may be color-blind. I suspect "Golden" refers to the fact that California is the Golden State, not the Silver State like Nevada.

Once you cross the bridge, you are out of town. Good-bye San Francisco!

On our way to I-5 to head to Crater Lake we stopped at a Jelly Belly outlet store (since we missed the factory). Jelly Bellies are a native food to Californians, like Ronald Reagan. Apparently the Jelly Belly factory has commemorated Reagan with a portrait made entirely of Jelly Bellies. Neoconservatism has never been so flavorful! But the outlet was nice, since I don't have to put any crappy flavors in my bag (i.e. Licorice, Dr. Pepper, Tutti Frutti, etc.) Instead I loaded up on Juicy Pear, Peach, Margarita, Mango, etc.

The outlets also sell giant 2 lb. bags of their reject beans, entitled "Belly Flops." Since my mom goes out of her way to each the deformed jelly beans, I bought her bag of just funky ones:

Once we got onto I-5 we passed farms, orchards, burbs, but the roadside billboards for the Olive Pit in Corning, CA caught our eye. AKA, caught my eye since I love olives. So we made a stop at the Olive City:

The Olive Pit was awesome. They had 120 types of olive products and tastings. I ended up bringing back three jars: Deep South Cajun Style Pitted, Mediterranean, and Sicilian. Yum! And the brine of the Cajun ones will make for spicy martinis in the future.

After Corning, I passed out for awhile. But I woke up when we were getting near Lake Shasta:

And soon we got closer to Mt. Shasta:

This view was from Weed, California, the junction between I-5 and Highway 97:

They had clever souvenirs like an "I <3 WEED" T-shirt.

Other than that, there is not much in Weed.

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